Panama Land Model (CLM/ELM) Site Drivers

Author(s): Knox R; Faybishenko B; Paton S; Powell T; Pastorello G; Koven C; Varadharajan C; Christianson D; Agarwal D; Bisht G

Dataset Information


Site Name: Barro Colorado Island (BCI); Bosque Protector San Lorenzo (Fort Sherman)

Variables: Air Temperature; Barometric pressure; Precipitation (rainfall); Relative humidity; Shortwave radiation; Wind speed/direction

Date Range: Jan. 1, 2008 - Nov. 30, 2017

Description: This data package contains meteorological and surface data at the Barro Colorado Island (BCI) and Bosque Protector San Lorenzo (Fort Sherman) NGEE Tropics sites in Panama. Data has been converted into formats usable by the land-models driving the Functionally-Assembled Terrestrial Ecosystem Simulator (FATES). Surface datasets are model release dependent and may have to be re-processed for later versions of the model. Current surface datasets based off of "<>" See the README_ngeet_lm_driver text file in the attached zip file for detailed descriptions of the included data files.

QA/QC: None

Methods Description: Meteorological files were processed with the ConvertMetCSVtoCLM python utility, see here: Surface and domain files were processed using Gautam Bisht's utility that converts gridded surf/domain files to a sparse grid, see here

Access Level: Public

Originating Institution(s): Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Sponsor Organization(s): Department of Energy, Office of Science, Terrestrial Ecosystems Science

Contact: Knox, Ryan - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (

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Version: 1.0

Dataset Citation: Knox R; Faybishenko B; Paton S; Powell T; Pastorello G; Koven C; Varadharajan C; Christianson D; Agarwal D; Bisht G (2019): Panama Land Model (CLM/ELM) Site Drivers. 1.0. NGEE Tropics Data Collection. (dataset).

Acknowledgement: Funding for NGEE-Tropics data resources was provided by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science, Office of Biological and Environmental Research. The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute provided the measurements at Barro Colorado Island and San Lorenzo sites.

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NGEE Tropics data policy.


Boris Faybishenko, Steve Paton, Thomas Powell, Ryan Knox, Gilberto Pastorello, Charuleka Varadharajan, Danielle Christianson, Deb Agarwal(2018). QA/QC-ed BCI meteorological drivers. NGEE Tropics Data Collection. Accessed at