Leaf surface temperature, Soltis Center, 20150122 to 20160702

Author(s): Miller G; Moore G

Dataset Information

Site ID: CR-SoC

Site Name: Soltis Center

Variables: Leaf temperature

Date Range: Jan. 22, 2015 - July 2, 2016

Description: These data include actual and corrected leaf surface temperature from the top of the canopy tower. For comparison, the air temperature from a nearby sensor on the spire is also included.

QA/QC: Provisional QA-QC

Methods Description: Remove any data indicative of signal loss or out of range

Access Level: NGEE Tropics

Originating Institution(s): Texas A and M University

Sponsor Organization(s): US Department of Energy

Contact: Moore, Georgianne - Texas A&M University (gwmoore@tamu.edu)

Data Download

Version: 1.0

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Acknowledgement: None

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