Leaf area index, Soltis Tower plot, Costa Rica, 2014

Author(s): Aparecido L

Dataset Information

Site ID: CR-SoC

Site Name: Soltis Center

Variables: Leaf area index

Date Range: Oct. 15, 2014 - Oct. 15, 2014

Description: This dataset contains 9 replicate LAI estimates for the Soltis Tower plot. Data were collected using hemispherical photography on Oct 15, 2014. The average of these 9 gridded (3x3) locations within the plot provides a reasonable estimate for the LAI in the vicinity of the sapflow trees.

QA/QC: None

Methods Description: Hemispherical photos were processed using HemiView software.

Access Level: NGEE Tropics

Originating Institution(s): Texas A and M University

Sponsor Organization(s): US Department of Energy

Contact: Aparecido, Luiza - Texas A&M University (luizamariabr2014@tamu.edu)

Data Download

Version: 1.0

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Acknowledgement: None

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