Sapflow, Soltis Center, Costa Rica (26 trees, total of 43 sensors), 2014-2016

Author(s): Aparecido L; Moore G

Dataset Information

Site ID: CR-SoC

Site Name: Soltis Center

Variables: Sapflow; Sapwood Area

Date Range: July 5, 2014 - May 31, 2016

Description: Sap flux density [Js (kg m-2 h-1)] was measured continuously using 43 thermal dissipation sensors (Granier 1987) constructed using the method described in (Phillips et al. 1996) and installed in 26 trees during a 5 month period ranging from July 5, 2014 to mid 2016 (ongoing). This method consists of a reference and heated probe inserted in the outer 20 mm of the active xylem. The number of sensors installed per tree differed by size. Trees less than 20 cm in diameter received one sensor (14 individuals); between 21-80 cm, two sensors (8 individuals); above 80 cm, three sensors (3 individuals) or four sensors (1 individual). The first sensor was placed perpendicular to the slope, roughly facing the north, with the others (if any) spaced evenly around the tree. The sensors were installed at a height of 1.5 m height, or as low as possible above tall buttresses, up to 7 m. Data were collected every 30 seconds and later averaged over 10-minute intervals and stored on a datalogger (CR1000, Campbell Scientific Inc., Logan, UT).


Methods Description: See Sapflow Processing matlab file. The script assumes that over 20 kg m-2 10min-1 of sap flux rates was abnormal for the site. Data were manually altered when needed (e.g. when sensors failed and had to be replaced/or when power was out leading to time gaps that needed to be gap filled).

Access Level: NGEE Tropics

Originating Institution(s): Texas A and M University

Sponsor Organization(s): US Department of Energy

Contact: Aparecido, Luiza - Texas A&M University (

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Version: 1.0

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