Guyaflux-French Guiana

Author(s): Bonal D

Dataset Information

Site ID: GF-Guy

Site Name: Guyaflux

Variables: Air Temperature; Barometric pressure; Dendrometry; Latent Heat; Leaf area index; Longwave radiation; Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE); Other; Precipitation (rainfall); Sapflow; Sensible Heat; Shortwave radiation; Soil temperature; Soil water content (saturation); Solar Radiation; Wind speed/direction

Date Range: Jan. 1, 2014 - June 8, 2016

Description: A series of sapflow, inventory, meteo, C fluxes, SWC, PAI, Litterfall data from the Guyaflux site located in French Guiana


Methods Description: Data were checked for quality. Gapfilling was conducted for meteo and eddyflux data when possible.

Access Level: NGEE Tropics

Originating Institution(s): INRA

Sponsor Organization(s): INRA, UMR EEF, UMR Ecofog, Labex CEBA

Contact: Bonal, Damien - INRA (France) (

Data Download

Version: 1.0

Dataset Citation: Citation information not available currently. Contact dataset author(s) for citation or acknowledgement text.

Acknowledgement: Benoit Burban should be acknowledged for all these data

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