Pantropical Tree Leaf Hydraulic Properties, 1986 - 2015

Author(s): Christoffersen B

Dataset Information

Site ID: XX-PTr

Site Name: Pantropical site

Variables: Leaf pressure-volume (PV) parameters

Date Range: Jan. 1, 1986 - Jan. 30, 2015

Description: This data package contains leaf pressure-volume parameters (osmotic potential at full turgor, turgor loss point, bulk elastic modulus, and others). Data was obtained by combining new data I gleaned from original publications not already in the following compilations (after removing the extratropical data): Bartlett, M. K., Zhang, Y., Kreidler, N., Sun, S., Ardy, R., Cao, K., and Sack, L.: Global analysis of plasticity in turgor loss point, a key drought tolerance trait, Ecol Lett, 17, 1580-1590, 2014. Bartlett, M. K., Scoffoni, C., and Sack, L.: The determinants of leaf turgor loss point and prediction of drought tolerance of species and biomes: a global meta-analysis, Ecology Letters, 15, 393-405, 2012. Maréchaux, I., Bartlett, M. K., Sack, L., Baraloto, C., Engel, J., Joetzjer, E., Chave, J., and Kitajima, K.: Drought tolerance as predicted by leaf water potential at turgor loss point varies strongly across species within an Amazonian forest, Functional Ecology, 29, 1268-1277, 2015. Data are from natural tropical and subtropical forests or savannas and span rainfall gradients from deciduous dry tropical forests to everwet tropical forests, and come from countries all throughout the pantropics. The attached zip file contains data organized into three CSV files.

QA/QC: None

Methods Description: See the referenced publications for data collection methods.

Access Level: Public

Originating Institution(s): Los Alamos National Laboratory

Sponsor Organization(s): European Union Seventh Framework Programme under the project AMAZALERT (Grant Agreement No. 282664 to Patrick Meir), and DOE (BER) NGEE-Tropics project

Contact: Christoffersen, Brad - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (

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Version: 1.0

Dataset Citation: Christoffersen B (2021): Pantropical Tree Leaf Hydraulic Properties, 1986 - 2015. 1.0. NGEE Tropics Data Collection. (dataset).

Acknowledgement: None

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