Pantropical Tree Sapwood Area Data, 1977 - 2015

Author(s): Christoffersen B

Dataset Information

Site ID: XX-PTr

Site Name: Pantropical site

Variables: Sapwood Area

Date Range: Jan. 1, 1977 - Jan. 30, 2015

Description: This data package containsata synthesis of pantropical sapwood area as a function of tree size (height or DBH) for trees ranging in sizes 1 - 140 cm DBH and 6 - 44 m tall. Data span both natural tropical forests and plantations and rainfall gradients from deciduous dry tropical forests to everwet tropical forests, and come from the following countries: Queensland, Australia; Costa Rica; Panama; Sulawesi, Indonesia; Venezuela; Ecuador; Brazil; French Guiana; Bolivia. Three CSV files are included: SA_headers.csv: description of variables in the two files below SA.csv: tree size (DBH or height) sapwood area SA_references.csv: citation, bibliographic reference, and DOI for the published references from which data were extracted

QA/QC: None

Methods Description: For methods information please see the referenced publication.

Access Level: Public

Originating Institution(s): Los Alamos National Laboratory

Sponsor Organization(s): European Union Seventh Framework Programme under the project AMAZALERT (Grant Agreement No. 282664 to Patrick Meir), and DOE (BER) NGEE-Tropics project

Contact: Christoffersen, Brad - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (

Data Download

Version: 1.0

Dataset Citation: Christoffersen B (2021): Pantropical Tree Sapwood Area Data, 1977 - 2015. 1.0. NGEE Tropics Data Collection. (dataset).

Acknowledgement: None

Data Link: Download Dataset

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Christoffersen, B. O., Gloor, M., Fauset, S., Fyllas, N. M., Galbraith, D. R., Baker, T. R., Kruijt, B., Rowland, L., Fisher, R. A., Binks, O. J., Sevanto, S. A., Xu, C., Jansen, S., Choat, B., Mencuccini, M., McDowell, N. G., and Meir, P., (2016). Linking hydraulic traits to tropical forest function in a size-structured and trait-driven model (TFS v.1-Hydro), Geoscientific Model Development, doi:10.5194/gmd-2016-128.